Chalet Penthouse in the Swiss Alps

The challenge was to create a place that blends into its natural setting:  the Swiss Alps. No renovation, as the construction is recent, but a mission: to marry modernity, harmony, ecology and cutting-edge technology. The project consisted in fitting out and decorating a private penthouse within the 5-star hotel complex “The Chedi” Andermatt. 

We designed the penthouse to create a warm and cozy atmosphere while establishing subtle links between the building and the surrounding nature. With an exceptional height of 7 meters (23 feet) under the ridge, we wanted to exploit the splendid volumes opening onto an exceptional view. Thus, under the roof structure, we built a mezzanine dedicated to the master suite. 

Three themes were chosen with the clients: mountain, ice and forest. The theme of mountains is expressed by a Hungarian point parquet floor in stone and wood gradations. The crest of the mountains is symbolized by a bronze line embedded in the parquet floor. Glass partitions of different textures, backlit alabaster or a chandelier composed of a “rain” of natural crystal stalactites refer to ice. The forest theme can be found in the full height woodwork, the highlighting of the frame and the Hungarian point and diamond cut parquet floors.

A spacious environment, noble and natural materials contribute to give a unique dimension and chic to this privileged place.