City Garden in Saint Rémy de Provence

Neglected for a long time, the garden that surrounds the house was thought as an integral part of the place. Surrounding the house, it is now part of the soothing and bucolic atmosphere of the place.

The layout of this outdoor space has been completely rethought to meet the eyes in front of each window, each opening. We have played with the natural slope of the land and the century-old trees to create unique and varied visual perspectives. By playing with the natural slope of the ground, we have invented harmonious and different perspectives that amaze the eye with their variety. The fruit trees and floral plantations play with typical Provencal dry stone “restanques”. On the lower terrace, under a hundred-year-old vine, an outdoor dining room has taken its place, sheltered from the sun to become a place of freshness, conviviality and rest.

Provence means sunny and warm summers. A beautiful swimming pool has been created to benefit from the climate. We have surrounded it with floral and aromatic plants and shrubs, with a majority of evergreen species, ensuring that the garden is luxuriant all year round. Next to the swimming pool, a shaded rest area has been installed. Further on, there is a natural gloriole made of bamboo trees, offering an exotic and unexpected corner for summer evenings. The selection of garden furniture and its decoration contributes to the soothing atmosphere of the house, highlighting its beautiful art deco architecture.