Haussmannian Apartment near Opéra Garnier

The spirit of “Au Bonheur des Dames” (“The Ladies’ Paradise”) and Zola’s eponymous novel is still present in this place with its unique history. Located in the Opera Garnier district, it is a department store building that was transformed at the end of the 19th century into a residential building and was the inspiration for Emile Zola’s novel.

The apartment used to have large showrooms for ready-made fabrics and haberdashery products. It has kept the imposing and majestic look of the prestigious interiors from this period, despite successive alterations made by its occupants. The large exhibition spaces had been compartmentalized to create a living room and bedrooms.

Our roadmap was to return it to its majesty while keeping its residential use: provide airy spaces for the common reception rooms and recompose it to optimize the bedrooms for a family use.

To achieve this, we completely restructured it. Contemporary partitions have allowed us to redesign the place, thanks to mirrors that amplify light and space. To recreate the authenticity of the place, we have restored the moldings and friezes. In addition to this, modern technical elements were used, adding comfort to the beauty of the place.

Thus, from this place, which is the bearer of a historical heritage, a unique presence and soul has emerged. We have created a place where the memory of the past meets the promises of the present in a harmonious and comfortable Arty and Vintage symphony.