Apartment in a Hotel Particulier in Le Marais

This apartment is located in a 17th century hotel particulier in Le Marais. We have redesigned it with the owners in the spirit of our usual approach, to make it a place that resembles them, while rediscovering the spirit and soul of the place.

The soul of the place is also the history of the district in which the building stands. A district formerly populated by workshops, small industries and French crafts. The owners wanted something reminiscent of this creative past, a sort of loft-workshop, in the spirit of the 19th century.

To reconnect with the origins of the place, we found and restored the old parquet floors, put back typical interior shutters, and rehabilitated various typical elements. Spiral staircase, cast iron posts, workshop canopies with balustrade come to live and reorganize the space.  Two mezzanines have thus been optimized, offering the place more space and value.

In this workshop, which has now become a living space, we have created a new kitchen and bathroom. For the bathrooms, a nod to the very Parisian character of the place, we used metro tiles. The kitchen has been soberly designed, with black wood furniture and a stainless-steel countertop, another reference to the industrious past of the place. Powdered green touches bring originality and modernity to the whole.

The classic and industrial spirit has been enhanced with contemporary notes, with wall coverings, wallpaper, chandeliers, and other decorative elements that allow the place to be part of our era while enhancing its historical heritage.