Sébastien Caron’s Six Maxims

Maxim  #1

Why be conformist when you can be creative?

Because each client is unique, and so is their project.
Let’s leave aside fashions and trends to create a residential place, a hotel or a restaurant with a unique, obvious and timeless decor.

Maxim  #2

Colors and shades are better than white and uniformity.

Color is not a matter of hue or shade. Color is life itself! In nature, all colors blend together.
From an infinite palette of proposals, we will choose those that embellish your project with your expectations.

Maxim  #3

When beauty, technique and comfort blend together.

Beauty and comfort go hand in hand to make the most of the space.
Combining the modernity of new techniques with creativity is not a challenge but an obligation.

Maxim  #4

From creation emerges an emotion, yours.

For a private residence, a hotel or a restaurant, the place must open the heart and arouse emotions.
We propose a harmony of the senses in a unique dramatic setting.

Maxim  #5

Artisanat d’art, an expression of French excellence.

The craftsmen have dedicated their career to their artwork. From their hands and traditions come out the most beautiful creations. We pay homage to them in the whole range of their know-how.

Maxim  #6

The budget is not a constraint, we are creative.

So that your budget is not a constraint, our creativity will offer you all the means of comfort and beauty while remaining within the range of your possibilities and within the time limits.